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We are a startup company dedicated to promote sustainable nature-based tourism by reinventing the tours and activities sector. Our mission is to promote even the most remote destinations on Earth with respect to the locals and the environment. So we are helping local hosts to reach travelers via the Oreen App. Yet we are working with travel operators to enhance their packages with new experiences at the Oreen Hub.

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Connecting solo travelers with local hosts. Book your next adventure in nature with the app and experience authentic tours and activities in nature.

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Connecting experts with the tourism industry. Buy a new experience created by our expert and offer an original package to your customers.

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Oreen Hub

Oreen Hub reinvents nature-based tourism experiences

Our mission is to influence nature-based tourism with science. We want to influence sustainable nature-based tourism by creating new experiences with our science community. Environmental, cultural and other relevant disciplines scientists are joining forces at the Hub to change how we all travel in nature.


Oreen app

Oreen App connects solo travelers with authentic adventures in nature

Learn and book tours and activities with the Oreen app. Find local hosts that provide authentic experiences in nature. Oreen is working with hosts that respect the environment and provide high-quality services for their visitors. So make a difference in remote destinations as a responsible tourist and be part of the global movement on sustainable tourism.