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We have a big dream: to promote even the most remote destinations on Earth. We truly believe that sustainable nature-based tourism is how we should travel to help but also to explore undiscovered places. Yet we are starting small and local. Our story starts with our CEO Konstantia, who after working in geotourism for a couple of years, she came to understand the potentials but also the challenges of sustainable nature-based tourism.

So she joined two tech superheroes Giannis and Costas to found Oreen, a startup company that aims to create solutions to the many problems of the sector. After completing the program of ARIS accelerator (an initiative founded by Deloitte and the Bank of Cyprus), Oreen is finally launched. We have endlessly worked hard to make Oreen a reality in Cyprus and create a new future in the rural economy.

our team

meet the founders

Konstantia Achilleos Ceo oreen team

Konstantia Achilleos


Konstantia Achilleos is a geologist with two Master degrees in Environmental Geology and Environmental Health. She has working experience in geotourism.

Giannis Kitromilides cto oreen team

Giannis Kitromilides


Giannis Kitromilides completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Computer Science. He is working now on software creation and customization.

Kostas kosta coo oreen team

Costas Costa


Costas Costa studied Information Technology. His expertise is diverse and mainly in system analyst, customer service, customer hardware and software support.

our brand

promoting sustainable tourism

host oreen logo oreen team

Cultural authenticity of host

Respecting the cultural heritage and traditional values of host communities

economy oreen team logo

Circular economy

Contributing to income-earning opportunities to host communities and encouraging recycle.

environment logo oreen team

Environmental conservation

Helping to conserve natural world and biodiversity of any destination